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Drive When You’re Free, Earn When You Can


  • Have community voting rights on ALL local issues of concern.
  • Have a private calendar for your passengers.
  • Have an interconnected contact list of your community drivers.
  • Have 70% share of the total revenue.
  • Have local real-time control of pricing at the driver level.
  • Have an ongoing referral system in JITcoin tokens.
  • Have an additional perk of 100% matching Driver revenue in JITcoin token.
  • Opportunity to become

    • Local community organizer.
    • Regional organizer.
    • National organizer.
  • Country organizer.
  • Worldwide JITcoin Advocate.

Platform Governance

JITcoin token holders can create proposals and vote for new features. Regional and above contenders have to stake JITcoin to win NFT's and consequently the rights to run operations in a region.

Earn JITcoin Tokens by staking

Drivers and Riders can delegate their JITcoin to be staked on their behalf for new or old organizer run-off. Elections may apply for any level of organizer. More Jitcoin tokens for staking will be open market initially set by the offer and counter-offer.

Fees & Discounts

Drivers may offer discounts on fares for riders on the platform and develop special discounts for their regular riders.
A unique blockchain-enabled auction mechanism that allows drivers and riders to control their ride costs.

JITcoin Token Opportunity

Is designed to add value to the whole JITLA ride-share network. The more drivers drive and riders use JITLA the greater the overall value of JITcoin. Insuring lower costs for the riders and a future equity build-up for JITLA drivers passengers, organizers, advocates, investors and JITLA LLC.

JITcoin Tokens backed with Bitcoin going forward

A strong bitcoin backing means a strong future going forward.  Be a part of history.  A paradigm shift is in the making.  Be the first, get the best percentage deals.

All organizers and advocates will participate in the growth of JITLA through a  percentage of JITcoin Tokens contained in an irrevocable smart contract assigned to that organizer or advocate.

The percentage of JITcoin will be established by a ratio of overall revenue each existing or new driver makes as weekly revenue within the assigned physical location(s) agreed to.  The US map above will clearly delineate the locations open for strong driver organizers in the USA.  All regional, national and advocates will be considered individually. Please use our contact form.

Terms and conditions will be disclosed to all those who qualify.

Qualified Drivers with prior experience as a franchisee go to the head of the line for organizer positions.

Advocates, most sought after are those with prior or existing Driver experience,  social media presence on the net and other skills in marketing.

First and foremost – JITLA is looking for successful Uber and Lyft drivers to join us and will be the first to gain positions in the local, regional and national and international organizers and advocates.