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Michael Canfield, co-founder

An esteemed co-founder, is a veritable Renaissance man, proficient in myriad fields, ranging from ride-sharing and cryptocurrency to franchising and the literary arts.

His sagacity in the ride-share realm was cultivated not just from boardrooms but from actual hands-on experience. Michael has been at the helm of Uber and Lyft, amassing insights from thousands of interactions with both passengers and drivers alike.

In the domain of publishing, he is the distinguished curator behind GLA News and Crypto500 News, two esteemed platforms where he bestows the masses with invaluable information.

Further testament to his foresight and accomplishment, Michael is the visionary co-founder of Chatgpt WP, a pioneering WordPress application that harnesses the power of AI for content generation.

In the literary world, his opus, ‘Peace Speaks’, stands as a testament to his eloquence and profound wisdom, offering readers a rare glimpse into his unique perspective on the world.

Shahriar Kheradmand Co-Founder

Shahriar stands out as a titan in the realm of technology development and management, possessing a rare blend of strategic acumen and practical execution skills.

Serving as a pivotal Technical Advisor at Bose Corporation, he adeptly navigates the intricacies of technological innovation, consistently delivering valuable insights to elevate organizational operations.

His tenure as CEO of IWANDO LLC witnessed transformative growth, underpinned by his visionary leadership and keen understanding of technological trends.

Not just in higher management, Shahriar’s hands-on approach was evident at Nets Group, where his emphasis on collaboration yielded unmatched operational efficiency.

His expertise doesn’t end there; as an Information Security Manager at E-trade bill, he architectured robust defenses, safeguarding against intricate digital threats.

Beyond his technical prowess, Shahriar’s strategic foresight and unwavering commitment to excellence have solidified his reputation. In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, he remains a beacon, guiding businesses towards sustainable growth and innovation.