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Michael Canfield, Founder

Placing the driver first as a digital franchisee changes everything. JITLA LLC will provide software as a service while JITLA drivers focus on the customers.

JITLA will teach existing drivers how to develop a new business model with no money invested where each driver will have their own calendar under the JITLA banner.

As a JITLA driver YOU could make 2 to 3 times the revenue vs driving for the competition.

JITLA LLC will match your revenue as an early JITLA adaptor driver with JITcoin tokens. Want to retire in 5 – 7 years?

Here how…

JITcoin is backed by Bitcoin held in the JITLA bitcoin silo smart contract. Get the details. Today Bitcoin is worth about 20,000 USD. Experts say BITcoin will be worth over 1,000,000 USD in 5 years. You can be a part of this magical new world of driver minted crypto and JITcoin..

For you and your passengers JITLA has developed a unique ongoing referral system that pays you and passengers in JITcoin for referrals for as long as that referral uses JITLA either as drivers or passengers or both.

JITLA passengers that build a referral network could ride for free and more as long as their referrals use JITLA.

JITLA software is near completion with an anticipated launch in the summer of 2022.

Check out change is upon us….

A happy accident. We discovered by accident that the Bengali language, the 6th most spoken language in the world uses the word JITLA to means “YOU WIN” That was after owning the name JITLA for years. We’ve adopted this idea as our motto for JITLA … YOU WIN!