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What happens when you have the most competitive Rates?

With over 20,000 passenger conversations, before JITLA, the number one point made was which ride-share provider is the best.

When the same question was played back to the passengers it normally comes down to who has the lowest rates today.  Because that is who the rider would choose.

  • Price point trumps other considerations, until the passenger has an important appointment with a time constant, like a airline departure.
  • One other issue is the rider’s trust level in the driver.  Riders fear driver’s will cancel at the last minute.  In fact drivers  do in fact cancel at the last minute. The primary reason BEFORE JITLA, the driver was kept in dark about the trip location and amount the driver will be paid. That is until JITLA.
  • JITLA developed Community Trust.  TRUST is build on repeat business between parties that know each other.
  • With Community Trust by JITLA, riders can depend on appointments made will be honored.
  • JITLA drivers are completely apprised of the total transaction, from start to finish including the fare the driver will received before the driver accepts the ride offer.
  • JITLA Rider App. provides the answer to the question of who is the lowest priced now,  in real time.
  • JITLA is building community Trust one Driver/Rider at a time.