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JITLA unique decentralized

ride-hailing platform powered by blockchain

JITLA is a unique decentralized ride-hailing platform powered by blockchain.
JITLA will empower both, drivers and passengers.

JITLA will disrupt existing business models and remove the corporate intermediaries involved in transactions. Our ride-hailing platform has created a new paradigm for the ride-hailing industry. We are the first platform in this niche to express the full features of the decentralized ride-hailing economy. Including JITcoin backed by Bitcoin.

What will JITLA Solve?

The problem is that drivers are slowly being reduced to minimum wage workers that relay on tips to make a living. Existing models lack many of the functions that JITLA will incorporate within our platform. For example JITcoin backed by Bitcoin will be acquired for the benefit of drivers and passengers that creates a new level of driver and passenger loyalty.

Problem — Cost: The main aim of any ride-sharing organization is to create long-term loyal customers. For a long time, prices have been surging and currently, up to 25 percent to passengers while paying drivers 55 cents per mile uncoupling miles and time from the actual fares. Passengers and drivers have been searching for alternatives.


Using blockchain technology JITLA will create a fully transparent auditable and immutable ledger of transactions with a friendly user interface to access all the data of fare payment details and features like sky miles called JITLA road miles for passenger loyalty and referrals paid in JITcoin.  Drivers will earn 2X more plus JITcoin mining rights.

ProblemBad Service: A good reputation is essential for a company to survive and in this industry, passenger safety is the most important aspect. There have been incident reports where actual physical abuse has taken place by both the driver and passenger.


All JITLA customers will be able to view full driver details including comments and feedback from other passengers. All the comments and journey experiences will be stored n the distributed ledger. The JITLA mobile app will incorporate a unique ‘SOS’ call function for emergency situations.  Passengers may set driver preference naming certain drivers they would like to have again. JITLA will always make these preferences the first order of driver selection.

Problem — A Centralized service: Apart from a high level of government control, there are other problems associated with a fully centralized service of this nature. These include exploitation of commission charges and personal data breaches also with the risk of identity theft.


JITLA addresses these problems with a unique system where driver income, the passenger’s fare, and the total commission is transparently stored. Within our own governance, we will ensure that the latest cyber-security systems are in place to protect our customer data.